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Q: What Do You Believe

Answers: The opportunity of choice is underrated. The Duty of choice is underplayed. Glory be to God, that he who is Made, is built the image of the lord. May this Man, use the opportunity of Choice, to put duty before self. May this Man, allow the Women and Children, who God put before him, see and smile, in the presence of our almighty Father. It is at this pinnacle, the New World Order, will stop slaughtering our Nubian families. It is only the Almighty Lord and prophet, God, that can Make us rise. #PrayerAreobics

Q: Who

Answers: World Leaders & Motivational Advocates

Q: What

Answers: We sell motivational gear and provide motivational products and services

Q: When

Answers: Now

Q: Where

Answers: Boston Massachusets

Q: Why

Answers: 'Aint no talk' Song will be available on ReverbNation

Q: What Is Done With Money Generated From Ain't No Talk, LLC® Website Donations?

Answers: Money generated from Ain't No Talk, LLC® website donations are used to award Ain't No Talk, LLC Gear to those people selected for making positive and energetic contributions to the people around them. Ain't No Talk, LLC website donations also support our social outreach programs for the homeless (Clothing Drives), our mentor programs for adults (Entrepreneurship),  and our wellness programs for families (Prayer Aerobics).